Radio Journalism in Cardiff

In a studio

Radio journalism may seem easier than television. However, this industry has its own challenges. Radio usually puts a lot of emphasis on sound, not to mention news finding and interviewing skills. It makes us feel like we are watching TV, but it only uses sounds and creates an imaginary screen in our heads. Thus, the reporter has to think not only about the interview, but also about the environment around him/her and the interviewee. These can be sounds of a bustling city or a crowded cafe, depending on a topic and the script that journalist reads. Otherwise, the radio package will bore the listener and she or he will change the channel. In order to listen one of my radio packages, follow the link below.

However, the natural background sounds might not be always applicable or even available. It was clear in our radio bulletins during the pandemic lockdown when we could not reach our interviewees in person and could not meet them at their real working environment. Nevertheless, it is necessary to bear in mind that the content of the program is more important than the sound effects.

Twitter notification

There is one more radio coverage of the news from the School of Psychology, Cardiff University. It was about a newly developed checklist which helps detect the hidden signs of autism in adults. For more information, tap here.

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