“Оян, Qazaqstan!” – Wake up, Kazakhstan!

Live at “Оян, Qazaqstan!”, Channel Seven (2022)

We started the program exactly with such a smile. The work of the creative team responsible for the broadcast starts at 5 am. Everything aspired to the viewer, from the script that was being prepared all night to the brand new stories of the correspondents. Make-up artists applying cosmetics to the faces of hosts, a glass of water just above room temperature, cameras taking aim at the studio, an alarmed check of the guests’ arrival, a command “10 seconds until the air” and a very familiar “ringtone” – the opening melody of the program. The whole team, as one organism, is ready “to write the prologue” of your day. And Yerdana, with the rhythm of previously listened to cheerful music, starts the broadcast “Hello, the Country of the Great Steppe! Wake up, Kazakhstan!

As a child I dreamed of becoming a TV presenter but I did not expect it to happen so quickly. Moreover, in the first year of work! I could not probably see it in my dreams (maybe I saw, but I could think that was just a dream and nothing more).

The program was in preparation for 6 months before being presented to viewers live. It was on “a desk” of foreign and domestic TV experts. During the first rehearsals, I temporarily replaced the absent co-host, although I had zero experience. As some say “Fake it until you make it“. So I did. Of course, there were difficulties. I went through a long training on such problems as turning your face to different cameras on time (very hard while talking), filtering the “continuous” command and conversational noise of the creative group in my ear pods (very hard while talking №2), clearly and expressively reading text and pronouncing sounds. I had progress and I would like to thank the project director Aigerim Shaimerden and my colleagues, because it was them, who believed in me and proposed my candidacy for the role of that absent co-host. I hope I managed to live up to their expectations.

An Instagram post after the first week of being a TV host

Another point I want to emphasize is my fellow co-hosts: Almas Togay, Diana Kyrykbay, Saltanat Serkebayeva, Arailym Kussaiinova and Beksultan Akimzhan. From these professionals, I learned such important aspects of television as freedom on a live broadcast, being natural, shining with a good mood in any situation, giving viewers positive energy and letting them know that “every day is an opportunity to change and be changed.” There were times when I hosted a 2-hour broadcast alone. It certainly felt like climbing Everest. But I had fun. Some of those hilarious moments can be seen at this link. And some the interviews with guests of our program were collected here (sorry that not every video have English subtitles).

For more photos click this link.

If you would like to watch the full episodes of “Оян, Qazaqstan!”, or some excerpts, please visit the aitube page (content subject to change) or the links below.

…special for “Оян, Qazaqstan!”

A cute moment in an episode of “Alaqan”, Channel Seven (2022)

The most interesting job in the program (even more interesting than the role of a TV presenter) was the position of editor of international news and local stories. I set myself the task of translating directly from a foreign language into Kazakh, thereby maintaining the quality and speed of information broadcast (many editors are used to get international news from Russian language sources first which makes it slower to be received by Kazakh audience). And also, as a reviewr for both Olympics (Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022), I informed our audience in a timely manner about the achievements of Kazakhstani and foreign athletes. When interesting guests or speakers arrived from other countries, our team tried to be the first to interview them. It was also interesting for me to analyze some international events and convey it to the viewers. You can see some of these materials below.

The Interview with Amandy Fernandez, a dancer who shared the stage with Beyoncé and J Lo (2021)
From a special concert dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan (2021)
Rosie Stancer, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, about her expedition to Aralkum desert (2021)

In addition, I was the editor of two regular topics. The first is the Business Guide, stories about entrepreneurs. The second is Alaqan (means a palm, handbreadth), about the protection and care of animals. And from February 2022, I started filming short tutorials teaching sign language, which you can find here.

Business Guide. Every morning is an opportunity to change and be changed.

The handicraft learnt in lockdown that brings money (2021)
Earn a million KZT by baking baklava (2021)
How to make money on real macaroons? (2021)

Alaqan. Let the warmth of our palms warm others!

The Dutch Ambassador that adopted 2 homeless dogs in Kazakhstan (2022)
4 humans & 4 dogs | Cynophobia defeated | Squid Game challenge (2021)
A story of puppies named Cleopatra and Tutankhamun (2022)

In the newsroom of “Оян, Qazaqstan!” freedom reigns. We had all the necessary opportunities to present a variety of ideas and make them real. I am very glad that I was part of this team and I am so grateful to everyone who helped me grow – producers, senior editors, correspondents, cameramen, video engineers, directors, sound engineers, administrators, make-up artists, stylists and drivers.

Interesting moments in these photos and other materials are waiting for you on my YouTube channel. Click the button below to go there.

Thank you for your attention and time! Contact me via yerdana.yerzhanuly@gmail.com.

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